My name is Kryssy Pawlik-Discombe. I am 47 and live in Whyalla. I’m about to celebrate my 8 year transplant (TX) anniversary in June.

I had a very normal upbringing except for the drug taking (LOL all my drugs were prescribed). I also think I’m pretty funny. CF never got in my way.

I was very sporty right up to about 1 year before my TX. It was in my teens when CF said hello. I spent many school holiday breaks in hospital but that was ok because I met some awesome friends who understood my lifestyle. I kept as well as I could. I was semi-compliant with exercise and meds but eventually my lungs just said “No”!

In 2012 I was gifted lungs and life begun again.

Cystic Fibrosis is a sneaky disease and can creep up on you very quickly. It breaks each organ leaving the sufferer with diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and arthritic to name just a few. It slows you down and makes you feel lazy. You’re not lazy,  just tired but the people around you don’t get it… you look normal and your glowing (usually from sweat because of the massive hypo you are dealing with).

CF has its challenges. But life goes on. I really hate when people let it define them. I get uncomfortable when people say they are inspired by me. I’m just doing my thing, just like everyone else.

The CFSA community are helpful in many ways. I have used their assistance to purchase high priced medical equipment which I would otherwise have to save for months to buy. They offer great services, and often have social activities to participate in.

Without this organisation we CF’ers would struggle to maintain our financial and social dignity. Good job CFSA.