The opening of the State Borders presents a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, we are relieved that we can be reunited with family members who are living interstate and on the other hand, as we try to work out “what does this mean for me”, we worry about what we can do for ourselves and our families to keep them safe from the COVID infection.

Many in South Australia are double vaccinated and some have also had a third booster shot and, whilst this does not provide complete immunity from infection, coupled with the application of sound public health strategies (regularly washing hands, applying hand sanitizer and social distancing), they provide the best “protection” for you and your family.

Both the RAH and WCH have advised that it will be “business as usual” at the CF Clinics with the rate of COVID infection being closely monitored to see if any changes to their usual practices are needed and these will be advised to CF patients as and when required.  The RAH will continue (as usual) to use telehealth facilities to those who regularly make use of this facility.

CFSA will keep its Members updated as information comes to hand.  Stay safe.

Christine Umapathysivam