In 2018 CFSA, Cure4CF and the Hospital Research Foundation provided the seed funding for bacteriophage research aiming to eradicate drug resistant bacteria in the CF sinus. Announced on Monday, Professor Peter-John Wormald and Associate Professor Sarah Vreugde from the University of Adelaide’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences will receive $1,712,341 to fund a trial of a novel bacteria treatment to eradicate antibiotic-resistant infections in recalcitrant chronic rhinosinusitis (a chronic inflammatory condition of the upper airway) that affects nearly all cystic fibrosis patients. Failure to eradicate chronic infection in cystic fibrosis patients results in permanent and life threatening lung disease.

“The novel viruses known as Bacteriophages or phages, target and kill only specific types of bacteria, leaving the patient and commensals or good bacteria unaffected,” said Associate Professor Vreugde. “This study will be the first to provide evidence for the breakthrough potential of phage cocktails to eradicate these drug-resistant infections.”

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